Twin Peaks revisited

I am a tv/movie junkie which means I am seriously obsessed with finding a good new show. Sometimes I get in a rut with my t.v show watching- I might get hooked on one show and binge watch it until I finish all the episodes, and then I have a hard time finding a new show, so I end up rewatching the old one. It’s like dating a really great guy and then breaking up, and then dating around until you end up back with your ex. Neither situation is healthy, especially when I have Netflix, HBO, and Showtime- companies that give me endless choices.

Well, I am in a situation like that right now. Twin Peaks was just calling my name every time I went on netflix, saying “Madison remember me, remember how much you enjoyed me, fill the gilmore girls hole in your life and come rewatch me.” So I said goodbye to Gilmore Girls and started Twin Peaks…. again. I have forgotten how good the show is! It is such an ingenious, creepy and unique idea brought to the small screen. David Lynch always has a soft place in my heart for his weird and twisted antics he pulls in his shows/movies. Twin Peaks follows Detective Cooper as he travels to a small small logging town in Twin Peaks to investigate a brutal murder of a young woman named Laura Palmer. The story encompasses not only Cooper’s investigation, but the town’s interpersonal relationships and secrets as well. The pacing is slower than usual cut and dry crime shows and the atmosphere is almost dream like and disconnected from reality; it’s eerie and dark in a slow boiling way- nothing is what it seems and evil doesn’t show itself right away, but over time instead. Leave it to Lynch for creating a show filled with bizarre characters that do things like talk to logs and bizarre dialogue that makes you question the sanity of the director/ writer. I fell in love with it last year, even though I didn’t understand why exactly I should like a show this insane. Captivating and unique, Twin Peaks will forever be on my top ten list for tv dramas.


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