A random scene from a random movie

So I am going to start a thing where I post a random scene from a more obscure title that resonated with me and stood out amongst the others in the film. We all know the classics and their famous scenes but by doing a more obscure, lesser known movie, it will hopefully show something that some of you guys haven’t seen before.  I’ll do it every Wednesday. So for today, the scene I have chosen is from the film “Not Waving but Drowning.” It is a little indie movie, one that didn’t even show in theaters or sell on dvd, but I happened to be surfing Netflix last month in search of a film and I came across this one. It is one of those random little films that seem like they are probably gonna be film school quality but this one was actually very good. I’ll do a full review on it later but for now here is a scene that really resonated. Perhaps it is because I’m a nostalgic person and soon I’ll be experiencing huge changes in my life as I move into adulthood. The cinematography of this scene is beautiful and goes well with the music and the quote recited. It all just gelled nicely.  especially liked it because of the Marie Antoinette quote used. Enjoy!


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