Can I be a little kid again?

So Cinderella is out in theaters now, and although I typically do not watch the disney movies that have been coming out lately or really any action/fantasy movies- they are  boring to me- the previews of Cinderella have caught my eye. I am a sucker for amazing costuming and cinematography, so i was naturally drawn to the detailed and brightly colored costumes and sweeping cinematography shown in the previews. Despite the pg rating and the fairy tale itself,  I now have an urge to go see it and induldge in my nostalgia for childhood. I wonder if that’s weird…………actually, no I think the time my friend and I decided to go see Finding Nemo 3D last year and get the kids snack boxes, was weirder. Has anyone seen Cinderella yet? and if so, is it any good?


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