poet I am not, but pretend, I will.

So I posted a few of my poems  last week, and I will share a few more with you today. I hope that my embarrassing poetry inspires you to write something…. better. And if any of you have something interesting that you’ve written recently or want to give feedback on my poems, feel free to share. I want my blog to be a space where not only do I talk/share, but also where you guys talk/share 🙂 that is my motto for this blog- evoking inspiration and deep thinking.

Summertime  (photo created by me)




Time is here
and then it’s gone
it is the rain that
comes in the morning
and drys up by noon
it is a flock of birds
flying overhead
you see them
for a second
and then they’re gone.
Time is the sand
which falls through
your fingers
until your hand
holds nothing but air.
Time slips by each day
a wolf
padding quietly
through the wood.

Time doesn’t stop
it doesn’t pause
it doesn’t rewind.
It only leaves a shadow
of the past
it brings the glow
of the future
and the reality
of the present.


It is not easy
to live with internal struggle
to despise all that you are
yet still yearn for love

And it’s a long road
from a downward spiral
to an upward hill
promising nirvana

And it’s quite lonely
at the bottom of a hole
dark and quiet
alienation from the world

But even though that road is long and winding
even if that hole is dark and lonely
there are people walking the same road
and people climbing out of the same holes

And it will be ok.
It will be ok.


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