Spring cleaning: music, movies and books edition

Spring time means spring cleaning- at least according to the social norm. I hate cleaning but I do love fresh starts and revamps. I don’t think you guys want to hear about my cleaning process since my blog isn’t even remotely related to chores. I have done a bit of spring cleaning with my music, movies and books, though, and I love making lists so I decided to share. This is just an updated list of my favorites basically, I tend to to mix it up every so often. So this is just what I have been loving recently (old and newly released things) . Maybe it will give you some new things to check out. and I am always on the lookout for new movies music and books, so If you guys have suggestions, comment with them 🙂

Top five books (in no defining order)

1.) The Hours– Love the writing, Virginia Woolf and the plot style

2.) Paper Towns– usually don’t go for YA books, but John Green is an exception. Love the characters and the “Leaves of grass” references are awesome.

3.) All the pretty Horses– well written characters, captivating plot and of course, McCarthy’s infamous detailed yet beautiful writing.

4.) Gone Girl- mysterious disappearance, psychos and “murder”. What more could you ask for?

5.) I know why the caged bird sings-written by Maya Angelou. no further explanation needed.

Top 5 songs/albums/soundtracks/artists

1.) 1989– Taylor Swift is my childhood singer so she holds a soft place in my heart, but I don’t really like pop. This album is pop and I like it. So i commend you Taylor for pulling it off.

2.) simon and garfunkel– bought a couple of their albums on vinyl and they are now on repeat. Good lyrics, unique sound.

3.) Cast away theme song– beautiful sound, sad yet uplifting, and all I can hear when listening to it is “Wilson! Wilson!” and Hanks crying.

4.) Nothings gonna stop us now– my friend made me a mixed cd and put this song on it. It is now our theme song. and it doesn’t hurt that Bill Hader sang to it in drag during “Skeleton Twins.”

5.) such great heights (Iron and Wine cover)- I love the original version but I love this one even more. Slowed down and stripped of the original extra instruments

Top 5 movies/tv shows

1.) The immitation game– riveting, profoundly emotional, inspiring

2.) unbreakable kimmy schmidt– Netflix originals are hits and misses. This one is an adorable and funny hit

3.) Sharkwater– amazing documentary on the shark finning industry. Eye opening and inspirational.

4.) Interstellar– a sci-fi movie I actually was interested in. touching story, awe inspiring visuals, and ultimately human and real at its core.

5.) upstream color– a little indie film on netflix. odd, very unique with an intriguing, if not a little confusing, storyline and nice cinematography.

There you guys have it! my revamped favorites lists for March (the first month of spring in my opinion)


9 thoughts on “Spring cleaning: music, movies and books edition

    1. You are welcome! And yea gone girl was a good book, nothing extraordinary but it was a solid read. I just thought the plot was intriguing and the concept was cool. The movie is definitely worth watching too. And BC was incredible in it. The movie overall was just so good. Made me cry. But then again I’m just an emotional person lol

      1. Lol now commercials I don’t cry at only because I hate commercials so I tune them out. But my mom cries at the public holiday ones. It’s mostly sad books and movies I cry at and the finales of TV shows. I went through three Kleenex boxes during the office series finale

      2. Well this was before I had TiVo. Now I can avoid them! But yeah, I’m the same. Cried through The Fault in Our Stars, cried through the movie, cried through Marley and Me (book and movie)… Cried with the little firefly in The Princess and the Frog died. Most recently, sobbed through The Normal Heart. I’m a crying machine. I think I’m making up for not crying through childhood.

      3. Haha I saw Marley and me when I was like 8. My parents put it on for me and my sisters thinking it was just a cute dog movie and we all were crying by the end. For two days after that I kept asking my parents if our dog was gonna die tomorrow.

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