Wednesday Scene day!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Now, my scene selection for this week is not exactly the happiest or uplifting scene; it might make you tear up (I did, and that is also why this font color is in a cheerful color- just to add a little brightness to my post haha) but as much as it is depressing, it is also a scene that I feel sums up the heart and soul of the movie. The film I am talking about is Short Term 12– some of you may know it, but for the most part it flew under the radar. I once again saw this on Netflix- praise Netflix and its wide range of Indie movies- and was blown away by the quality and depth of the material and production aspects. The acting was very natural and beautifully executed, and the story was funny, heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Definitely worth a watch. I am not sure if it is on Netflix still, seeing as I watched it about 8 months ago, but do try and see it if you like a touching and eye-opening drama.  This scene in particular stood out, and I have to admit I had to watch it on YouTube a few days ago when I was thinking of a scene to share because I forgot exactly why I loved it so much since it has been a while. But the minute I started it, I remembered. The powerful yet subtle message being exposed through such a simply shot and executed scene. Enjoy! and I apologize in advanced for the somewhat depressing moment you guys will experience while watching this. Look out for the review on this Friday!


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