Education in america- Watch this vid!

In my AP art history class today, we watched a couple videos by the RSA (royal society for encouragement of arts)- a 258 year old charity designed to promote social change and awareness. It might have nothing to do with art history, but our teacher is very good at throwing random things into the class that engage us and help strengthen our deep thinking and analyzation skills since that is what we do with art in art history. This is the first video we watched and I was completely absorbed with the lecture by by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert. It was on our present day education system in America and how it is not exactly working out for us. Having a mom as a teacher and hearing her get pissed off at the school system for not allowing her any flexibility in her teaching and with her students, I showed this vid to her and she wanted to watch it multiple times because she loved it so much. It is too traditional. Too stuck in the past. The system is very restrained and rigid- it says schools are to be the places where you can expand your horizons, reach your full potential, but students are experiencing a push for conformity by the schools and the government even. The part that resonated with me the most, was his thoughts on the “arts” in schools. And also how there is such a black and white outlook on intelligence within students.



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