Greetings from Italy(I’m not sure how to say that in Italian)

So we have made it to our destination of the Amalfi Coast in lovely southern Italy two days ago. I’ve been to Italy one other time during the summer when I was about 12, when my family took a month long trip around Europe. But we went to Rome and we weren’t exactly enamored with the city. So we left disappointed with our idea of Italy. Well now we are here in the south, on the coast with villages and old roads and soaring mountains- basically it’s amazing- like what the hell were we doing in Rome. We are staying in a villa literally on the side of a mountain- it’s built into the mountain- like carved from the mountain. I have never stayed in anything more beautiful than this villa. It’s sprawling, with winding stone steps and a huge garden with lemon trees and fresh herbs and flowers. I mean this place just goes on and on. My dad definitely splurged on this trip- this and SA. And the view is incredible. You looks out and it’s the endless crystal clear blue ocean with mountains all around you. We are situated between the towns of Sorento and Pastiano( I’ll check this spelling) and about two hours from Naples. We haven’t done much yet seeing as we were completely jet lagged the first day in but I’m excited for what this week will bring. I took some great photos of the place yesterday but of course my IQ level is a spaz and I forgot that I don’t have anything to upload pics from my memory card to my lap top/phone. I know now to take some with my phone so that way I can share without having to wait. So pictures to come.


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