Ciao! Updates from Italy :)

Wow I realized I haven’t posted anything new about my trip in a while. And I have so much to share with you guys! So we didn’t do much the first couple of days because 1) jet lag 2) Sunday was rainy. But on Monday, the man who owns the villa we are staying in arranges for his guests to have a four course true Italian meal cooked at the villa by a couple of very nice Italians. And oh my god was it amazing. I felt like I couldn’t eat for the next week I was so full but the food was “excelente.”



^^ a couple of the dishes served

Tuesday we went to the villages of Amalfi and Ravello. They were lovely areas with neat shops and architecture and of course gelato shops on every corner. I think artisan gelato shops are the equivalent of Starbucks in the US- they are everywhere and their quality never varies- I haven’t tasted bad gelato yet.



^^ yes that is penis pasta and it was everywhere. I guess cooking would be more fun right? Maybe? Actually I think it would be a bit disturbing to be boiling penises.

Wednesday venchenzo( the villa owner) and the same cooks from the dinner came over and we got to make stone brick oven pizzas. They made the dough and the toppings and everything. And then we got to eat! I didn’t take any pics but my sister has some so I’ll put them up soon.

So then on Thursday we went into Sorento and venchenzo hooked us up with a fabulous artisan gelato shop and we got to go into the kitchen and make gelato with the lovely cook in charge. (Venchenzo knows everybody apparently) once again I was not able to take pics but I’ll get some to post. And then we walked around Sorento and looked in shops and just strolled around taking in more of the amazing amazing architecture on the Amalfi Coast. I was approached a couple
times by Italians who started speaking to me in Italian until i said no parle italiano(I don’t speak Italian). They thought I was Italian apparently and one of the times, wanted to know if the main church in town was open. I guess I can pass for Italian….





And that’s it for now! I’ll be posting soon about my hike with my dad on the “path of the gods” today and how Italian drivers have probably never even heard of the words drivers Ed. Oh yes exciting stuff I know.




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