talk about being a rebel.

        It’s Monday but I’m posting a scene anyways. Since I have missed the past couple Wednesdays, I am catching up by posting one today and then one on Wednesday, to get back on track. Plus I love sharing these scenes. Today, I am showing you guys a scene from one of my favorite movies by Christopher Nolan- Memento. This movie is so original and intriguing, and it makes you think to the point where my brain hurt by the end. I felt like I just did a math test- except a really interesting and enjoyable one (which I don’t think that could ever happen) The film’s structure is one of the things that makes the film so unique; it is in non linear form, with flashbacks and even flashforwards. Now that might sound pretty common, but the movie runs backwards and forwards at the same time- in color and black and white- until the events catch up with eachother, meeting at the same point by the end. Not to mention the twist is mindblowing, and requires you to watch it a second time to look at all the details you missed the first time. The only other time a twist completely took me by utter surprise and threw me for a loop was the one in The Sixth Sense. That one I also had to watch twice to see everything that I missed which led to the twist. I recommend you watch that film if you haven’t before- it is a great movie and the twist is awesome. This particular scene in Memento is one of my favorites because it drives home a point that should have been clear far earlier in the film: Leonard can be easily mislead and manipulated. And if it can happen here, how many other times has it happened, and how much of what we’ve been told is actually accurate? This demonstrates to the audience that what has been shown to us so far is coming from an unreliable narrator. In the scene right before it  features Natalie ,the young woman who has befriended Leonard, walking into her house, face beaten up, claiming she has been beaten by a drug dealer named Dodd . She convinces Leonard to find Dodd and kill him for her. Leonard leaves the house. Now this scene plays out. You will see what happens. Hope you enjoy! and check the film out if you haven’t seen it. *this scene contains a lot of mature language and a little violence.*


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