Eternal sunshine of the perfect scene

Hey all! So it’s Wednesday( just thought I’d point out the obvious) and that means a new scene. I take like two days racking my brain for the absurdly amount of films I have crammed in my head, looking through my Netflix que, and scouring YouTube, to find a standout scene from a lesser known film I love. Sometimes something just pops in my head and I go with it. Other times I get indecisive over multiple ones. Today was the random inspiration day. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What an amazing movie and I thought it was relatively known but apparently a lot of people I know haven’t seen or heard of it before. So I knew I had to share this movie with you guys- your life is not complete until you see this film. Seriously. If I could marry a film, if marry this one. But anyways, this scene is towards the end of the movie- don’t worry spoilers are not really given in it. I just love the whole way this scene was shot and the use of the simple yet melancholic score. It’s very well done artistically and really conveys a deep emotion of regret, sadness, yet love and hope. And Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are also amazing. Nothing unusual there. Hope you all enjoy! Review to come for this film. 


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