my favorites this month

So about a month ago, I posted a list of movies/tv, music and books I was into for the month, and it was a pretty successful post. I got a few comments and emails about doing a monthly update of the lists. I took it into consideration and decided why the hell not- I enjoy making lists and putting some recommendations out there for people to ignore or check out. So I will post a “what I’m into this month” at the end of every month. Today is the first post of this “series”. Enjoy!

Top 5 Books (in no defining order)

1) Canary Road (John Steinbeck) – the writing is close to perfection, the characters and the setting are what makes up the plot and they are some of the most memorable and fleshed out characters in literature. So heartfelt and touching.

2) A lesson before dying (Earnest J. Gaines) – SAD but uplifting at the same time. A beautiful message, captivating plot and brutally honest.

3) Of mice and men (John Steinbeck) – This was the book that got me on my john Steinbeck kick. I actually kind of avoided reading it for a while because I thought it would be dry or boring but wow was I wrong. A simple story of a beautiful and brutal bond between 2 men with an ending that I didn’t see coming.

4) Leaves of grass (Walt Whitman) – didn’t like all of the poems included but some were incredibly written and I thought his view on humanity and humans in terms soul and body was very interesting.

5) It’s kind of a funny story (Ned Vizzini) – funny and relatable writing, a plot that really hit home, and a main character that I could relate too.

Top 5 soundtracks/albums/songs/artists

1) Santa Monica Dream- I usually like Angus and Julia stone I LOVE  this song by them. it’s a slow, dreamy, kind of sad song with beautiful lyrics and nothing but an acoustic  guitar and their vocals.

2) Thinking out loud- don’t usually listen to Ed Sheeran but this one is actually a really cool catchy song. Love the beat and the jazzy smooth undertones

3) Sweet Disposition-First song I heard by the Temper traps. Great beat,it’s really fun to dance to and their sound is unique.

4) Bon Iver- love this band. their music is so unique and many of their songs are slower with great lyrics. beach baby, skinny love and towers are a few great ones by them

5) Candles-  this song by Daughter is so pretty. It is a bit of a melancholic song but I love the lyrics and the acoustic guitar (I’m a sucker for acoustic). I’m happy because I learned chords for this on the piano and now I’m obsessed with playing it

Top 5 movies/tv shows

1) About Time- now I am not the cheesy romantic/romcom film type of person but I watched it on the plane coming back from vacation and actually liked it. Maybe it was the jet lag kicking in but I thought it was funny and at times emotional and the romance between the two main characters was very enjoyable to watch. certainly a little gem.

2) There’s something About Mary- I must be on a kick with watching films out of my usual genres of choice because I caught this one on tv and could not stop laughing. Actually funny, the acting was decent for being a comedy and the writing was actually on point with some of its humorous scenes.

3) Whiplash- AWESOME film- brilliantly scored, incredible acting and engrossing story- a must see

4) Friends- yes the entire series is on netflix now and yes I am watching them all in order and yes it is amazing.

5) Not Waving but Drowning- little unknown indie film with relatable characters dealing with relatable situations, and cool cinematography. check it out on netflix

so that’s it. hope you found it somewhat useful or interesting!


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