My favorite Moonrise

Happy Friday everyone! So I’m sharing with you all today, yet another scene for the week. I know it’s usually a Wednesday thing but for some reason, my brain just doesn’t want to function on Wednesdays, and I always forget. This week, the scene I chose is from ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, a film directed by Wes Anderson- a unique guy and one of my personal favorites.’Moonrise Kingdom’, like all of his other films, is classic Anderson. There are the symmetrical set ups of shots, the close ups framed with equal space around them, the dry humor and unique,quirky characters. This scene in particular, is one of my favorites because of the way it is shot, with close ups of their expressions that say everything for them. I also find the dialogue funny- dry and hard to get if you are more into the slapstick and punch line type of comedy- and endearing. And the kid actors are so cute. Hope you enjoy!


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