is it really almost June?

hey everyone! Happy Memorial day. I hope everyone had a nice day and that you took a moment to honor the brave human beings fighting for our country (I have my opinions on our lackluster foreign policy and the stupidity of certain wars *cough cough* Vietnam and Afghanistan.) But I’m not going to get into that right now, and no matter my views on the bureaucracy of it all, I respect the men and women that decide to risk their lives- thank you for all that you do. And now, on to the main point of this post:  I have another end of the month favorites list! here it is:

Top five books (in no defining order)

1) Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood)- a post apocalyptic/dystopian novel which presents a scary but all too familiar look at the future planet and the downward spiral of humans and our environment as a result of rampant genetic engineering, pollution, etc. Very interesting, engrossing and perfect to read considering our current environmental issues.

2) What’s eating Gilbert Grape (Peter Hedges)- humorously told by the main character, even though the circumstances themselves are not very funny. It was so well written and the narration was so casual and bitingly funny. There was a really good movie made off of it starring young Johnny Depp and Leonarcdo DiCaprio, and I highly recommend it.

3) Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller)- It’s a play but I love Miller’s writing and this is one of my favorite plays. It’s heartbreaking but also uplifting in a way, and I think his characters are very fleshed out and intriguing.

4) Is everyone hanging out without me? (Mindy Kaling)- Love her, love this book and love her humor. Funny and easy to read, as well as totally relatable

5) High Fidelity (Nick Hornby)- gotta love that dry, sarcastic but undeniably funny british humor. Plus the main character works in a record shop and loves music- I love music and wish I could work in a record shop. a seriously funny read about a man’s failed love life and life in general.

Top 5 songs/albums/soundtracks/artists

1) Photograph (Ed Sheeran)- it’s a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics and a catchy beat. It has substance and soul

2) Arcade Fire– great band with a unique sound. Their songs are usually strong and filled with quirky, heavy beats and instruments. alternative sound. wake up and super-symmetry are two of my favorites by them.

3) Elton John– always loved him but this past month I have been playing him constantly probably because I finally got his yellow brick road album in CD form and not just in record form haha. he has a unique voice and I love that he plays piano. Tiny dancer, Your Song and Yellowbrick road are just a few of my favorite songs by him

4) Past and Pending (The Shins)- a very soothing song, easy to listen to, and it’s played with a beautiful acoustic guitar sound

5) August Rush Rhapsody– the main score towards the end of the film played by the character on the piano- it’s a gorgeous melody and one of the most emotionally touching scores I’ve heard. I played this for a piano recital a long time ago and every time I’d practice it, I’d feel so many emotions.

Top 5 movies/tv shows/documentaries

1) Like Sunday, Like Rain– simple, quiet, reflective and ultimately a lovely little gem of a movie that moved me in a more subdued way.

2) Nightcrawler– FINALLY saw this after having wanted to see it forever, and wow was I impressed. Creepy, riveting and intense. and Gyllenhaal was incredible! must watch for those who love watching a psycho character come unravelled.

3) Scream– LOVE this movie and I’ve seen it like 5 times now. it’s scary, funny, and ironic- what more could you ask for? oh well there is one question… “do you like scary movies?” (I couldn’t resist)

4) Shark girl– saw this at the Blue Ocean film fest a couple of months ago but I revisited it this month and was still blown away by Madison(the shark girl) and her protestation of the shark fining industry. She’s only in her early twenties and already, she has made a documentary, been around the world speaking at summits, studying sharks and fighting the industry. So awesome that I got to meet her at the shark panel during the film fest!

5) Copenhagen– unique little indie that was entertaining to watch. The characters and the central “love” story around them was not your typical one which was a refreshing thing to watch.

so there you have it, my May favorites! Hope you were somewhat enlightened. If not, then go do yoga or something. 🙂


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