poetry feeds the soul

So here are a few more of my poems for you all to read and make fun of- hey it’s okay if you do, I do it myself sometimes. In all seriousness though, I hope you get some enjoyment out of my poetry and thanks for taking the time to read! 🙂 I’d love to feature poetry from you guys on my blog so if any of you have the writing itch, feel free to send me stuff for me to look at! I think it would be really cool! Happy reading.

Haikus on loneliness

– Quiet falls the snow
on an evening with no stars-
the moon a lone soul.

– The snow blows harshly
against a tired worn face-
relentless and brave.

This Moment

There is a still in the air
a quiet calm
and in this moment
I am at peace
my mind is free
and I’m at peace.

The sun bathes the trees in gold
its radiance pouring into my soul
out with the demons!
out with the shadows!
for I want nothing more
than to be in this moment
to relish in the quietness
it brings me
in the peace I feel.

And just for this fleeting moment
as the sun sets low over
the trees and clouds
as a feeling of hope
creeps into my soul….
I can just be.
I can just be


To Hope

Death is quite lonely
he said
yes, i said
but living is lonelier.
life is a constant reminder of loneliness
death is eternal peace.
Ah very true, he said
but to die is to give up
to live is to hope.


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