Jon Stewart Addresses Charleston Shooting in ‘Daily Show’ Monologue – The New York Times

In light of the recent shooting at the Charleston Church, I’m going to be one of the many who are posting about this same thing- on twitter, facebook, instagram and blogs. But this isn’t going to be some rant where I pretend that I know everything and yell into cyberspace about how stupid everyone is. No, instead I will just say a couple of my thoughts on this incident and then hand the proverbial mic over to my most favorite man ever- Jon Stewart. He says basically everything that I would say, in his opening monologue. So, here are a few of my thoughts:

1) this is a racial thing- this event is the effect of present racial tension in the U.S. That’s obvious. But somehow, what the general american public and even the government doesn’t find obvious is the lack of action there is in the wake of mass killings such as this one. How many times does something like this need to happen before we see and admit that this is terrorism. Yes, it is a form of terrorism- domestic terrorism to be exact. And the government needs to treat this like a terrorist attack. Stewart will elaborate on this point in the video. Gun control is also something that needs serious attention, but that’s not my main focus at the moment. 

2) Bringing it back to my first statement about racial tension- it’s crazy that we are still so stuck in the past with racial inequality. IT DOES EXIST. Racism still exists and you know what adds fuel to the fire? the fact that it is still acceptable to have the confederate flag hanging in a town and having streets named after confederate soldiers/generals who fought AGAINST granting blacks basic human rights. Even though it is a southern state, they are preserving a piece of history which is part of the reason why we are still having this racial issue- get out of the past.

Alright, now I’ll let Stewart take over. Thank you all for reading and thank you Jon Stewart for just being you.

Jon Stewart Addresses Charleston Shooting in ‘Daily Show’ Monologue – The New York Times.


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