college? whaaat?

So the time finally came on Sunday, for me to pack up my things and head off to UCF for summer term- for my parents to leave me at my apt. room and say bye, have a good life. Of course there were tears and lots of hugging and more tears. My dad actually cried- a lot- when he was hugging me- and that was what made me cry. But despite the tears from my sisters and parents and myself, I was able to push past the initial homesickness and realize I have this crazy opportunity to start a whole new chapter of my life, one with a clean page and a pen ready to write (but the dollar store kind, seeing as I’m broke and in college.) I just finished my second day of classes and I’m slowly getting the hang of things- although I drove in a complete circle through my apartment complex just to find the way to get out, only to realize that it was one left turn from where my building was. Leave it to me to get lost, not on campus, but in my own apt. complex. Actually I take that back, I did get lost on campus. To give you an idea of my first evening and then the day after at UCF, I will call upon gifs.

My first college experience in Gifs:

after my family left

a few hours later realizing my freedom

first night alone

the next morning getting ready for class

walking around campus

grocery shopping on a budget

a bug in the room and dad isn’t here to kill it

finished with the first day of college


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