life, lessons and travel

Hi all! So I’m still alive and well, and survived my second week at UCF. I think the homesickness kicked in a little late because man am I really feeling it right now. My family just left a couple days ago for a summer trip- the first one without me. So, today, in memory of my past family travels, I’m going to talk about life lessons I’ve learned over the years from traveling.

1) When in Rome (or any other European city) do not eat each basket of bread brought to your table unless you ask if it’s free or not. We did that and ended up with 10 more dollars being tacked on to the bill. Now we ask every time. apparently they don’t always tell you what’s complementary and what’s not.

2) a naked bike club is a thing and it looks really uncomfortable. Thanks San Fran for the lovely visuals

3) meeting cute guys while traveling is nearly impossible when with your mom and dad and sisters. But when the airline can’t put everyone together for a 14 hour flight and one person will have to sit next to that cute Italian soccer player in the back, you take it, even if it’s the last row.

4) hiking can be fun, just don’t let your dad pick the trail because then you’ll end up with the one going straight up the mountain side.

5) try new foods, especially the ones that have weird names. expand your horizons.. just ask what’s in it before ordering.

6) traveling is educational, and sometimes teaches you more than you would learn in school. and you don’t have to sit at a desk. so hell yea

(As a kid, I learned more about gay culture and people like Harvey Milk when staying in the San Fran Castro district, than I did a couple years later when my class was actually learning about it.)

7) packing a can of frosting (I was 7 and it was my secret stash) for a trip will not work. It will be found during the airport security checkpoint and your health nut parents will have heart attacks.

8) the world is a lot bigger than your tiny town and life has definite gray area- it’s not just black and white.

9) every person you pass on the street has a story and a greater depth than you could possibly imagine. Every trip we’ve been on, we come across all different walks of life and listen to so many different stories.

10) don’t take what you have for granted. As an american, I sometimes am disgusted at my own nation. But then I also realize that I have freedoms ad rights that not many other countries give their people, that I can do things like go vote for our leaders and protest and speak freely about certain topics that would be censored in other places.

So, I just want to end by saying traveling is something everyone should do- whether it’s just going to the state above you or flying to a foreign country. It’s one of the best ways to open yourself up to new ideas and become culturally aware, and it can always be done on a budget. Have a great day lovely peeps and go plan that trip! 🙂


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