this tumblr speaks volumes about diversity in film

      I love films. I love what they can stand for, what they can shows us, how they can entertain and comfort us. Media as an art form is a powerful thing, whether it’s in the form of photography, television or film; it’s accessible and can be easy to relate too, something that can stretch beyond the boundaries of a social class, culture or country. So here we have this amazing entity that can enhance our society in so many ways, and yet (besides the indie film making community) films today have hardly advanced in terms of diversity. This is especially relevant in mainstream movies and Hollywood, you know, the ones with all the white people and a black person thrown in there to “mix it up”. And it just frustrates me; this industry isn’t even halfway there yet with female empowerment and equality, and it hasn’t even made it that far yet with diversity. Movies are here for us to relate to as I said earlier, but without diverse characters, many audience members are left unrepresented. Just to help point out this painful lack of diversity in films, I want to share this eyeopening tumblr I found off of a great site I use regularly called

The tumblr ( was created by Venezuelan-American actor Dylan Marron to show the truth about the lack of diverse roles in modern movies. He extracts all the dialogue spoken by nonwhite characters in a certain movie and puts it together into one video. This is such a clever idea and I was shocked myself to see just how little speaking time many of these movies actually give to nonwhite roles. Thank you Dylan and thank you for always bringing quality material to the table. I hope you guys will take a look at this incredible blog!



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