‘These are a few of my favorite things…’

Hey everyone! It’s Saturday, which means I’m a seriously happy person right now; I have a night of netflix binging and cookie making ahead of me. So, this month is coming to a close 😦 with August right around the corner, which means it’s time for another one of my favorites list! So let’s get started:

Top 5 books (in no defining order)

1) Specimen Days (Michael Cunningham)– LOVED this book! I read The Hours a while ago (I’m also obsessed with the movie) and was hooked on his writing so I picked this gem up a few days ago. Incredibly written and interesting concepts.

2) Jurassic Park (Michael Crichton)– The Spielberg movie is my childhood and one of my favorite movies, so I was curious to read the book. It was a really great read and kept me on the edge for most of the book, even though I already knew how most of it would work out. Quite a bit that was left out for the movie but I can’t complain. Both are equally great!

3) Coloring book for meditation– I know, it’s not a literary book but technically it is still partially a book. And it is so much fun to color. I feel very meditative and calm actually while doing it and puts me in a creative mindset. I recommend buying one of these for the times when you need to unwind and calm your mind.


4) The Great Life Photographers ( Time-Life Books)– A really cool collection of mini bios and photographs from every photographer that worked or work for LIFE. There are so many great images covering wars, celebrities, etc. and the mini bios on each person were fascinating.

5) The Crossing (Cormac McCarthy)– I don’t think I will ever not like him. This is the second installment in the Border Trilogy and while it isn’t as engrossing as his other books I’ve read, it still is beautifully written and captivating. To be honest, I like this book more for the actual writing than the plot.

Top 5 songs/artists/soundtracks

1) Smile (Mikky Ekko)– This song literally makes me smile. I like the message of it and the fact that it’s part of the new Paper Towns movie, is even better.

2) Hunger (Of Monsters and Men)– Off their new album Beneath The Skin. I just started listening to other songs off their new album besides Crystals and this one really stuck with me.

3) The Districts- these guys are such a cool band and their sound is really unique. It’s alternative rock but with swing undertones. Really fun to listen to and one of my favorites is Funeral Beds.

4) The Shins– I started listening to them a while ago but they’ve been on repeat this month so I figured they fall under my favorites of this month. alternative/indie pop band with a catchy sound. One of my favorites by them is Simple Song.

5) Jurassic Park Score/Theme (John Williams)– one of the best scores in a Spielberg film. I love John Williams so much and his scores are always so beautiful and fitting. This theme stirs up all sorts of emotions when I listen to it; nostalgia, happiness, excitement. What with me reading the book and the craze over Jurassic World (ugh), I figured I should add this to the list.

Top 5 movies/tv shows

1) Game of Thrones– never would have watched it if my friend(a major fan of the show) hadn’t sat me down and forced the first episode upon me. And wow, it was actually good! I’m not the one to watch this kind of genre on tv but HBO really created something wonderful. Amazing casting, writing and cinematography.

2) The Sopranos another HBO show and an oldie but goodie. I have always heard of it, but never bothered to watch it until a week ago and now I’m hooked! love the dark humor and sarcasm as well as the acting and the storylines. I don’t know why I waited so long to check it out.

3) It Follows– one of the BEST horror films I have seen in a long time. really inventive and clever, never relying on cheap scares to creep the viewer out. A must see for horror fans, as it will renew your faith in the genre.

4) Paper Towns– I saw this yesterday when it came out; I like John Green and this is my favorite book by him. It turned out better than I thought and although it was a little disappointing that they left quite a bit out, it was still a great movie.

5) The Daily Show’s coverage of Donald Trump’s entrance into the race– I love the Daily Show and oh my god have I been loving the past month’s episodes that focus on Trump; they’re hysterical. Jon Stewart is having so much fun with this idiot. Here’s a clip from one of the episodes. Highly recommend you check out more of TDS if you haven’t before.

I’m always on the lookout for new things to read or watch or listen to, so comment below with any suggestions if you have any! Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂


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