Tragedy strikes at Comedy Central

Tragedy struck the lives of many (including mine) Thursday evening, leaving the world with a loss that can never be regained again. It still hurts to talk about it, but I figured 3 days is enough to mourn and now I have to try and move on. It was on Thursday that Jon Stewart aired his final episode as host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, after 16 years of delivering top notch political satire. It’s hard for me to put in words how wonderful and talented Jon Stewart was, and how influential his show was on me and the rest of his audience. He talked about politics and news in such an accessible way, that made it easier for people, especially my generation, to understand and follow along with. Not to mention, his show put names like Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert, and Ed Helms, on the map.

And at a time when everything is sensationalized and borderline fake, Jon was a comforting presence in media, a man who called politicians and news stations out on their bullshit. He definitely leans more towards the liberal/democrat side, but he doesn’t allow too much bias into his material; he’ll point out the flaws on both sides. No one is as good as he is, at ripping Fox News a new one every night. Some of his most hilarious bits are about what stupid thing the channel is doing at the moment. Same with CNN.

And it seems that his leaving the same day the first GOP debate airs (featuring the lovely jackass Donald Trump), is some kind of mockery. America needs him to cover the race; we’ve relied on him for 16 years to give us coverage of the presidential races and debates, and now he’s leaving us to fend for ourselves. Election year without Jon Stewart? That’s the title to a horror movie somewhere, I just know it. And sure, Trevor Noah is going to be taking over and he’s funny and all, and I’ll still watch the show, but he isn’t Jon.

All I have left to say is, “Jon Stewart, if, in the unlikely chance you have nothing better to do and you’re reading this blog, I just want you to know you are a wonderful,  brilliant human being, with a fake news show that tells the news more honestly than the real ones do. I also had a huge crush on you in high-school- what can I say, mastery of political satire is strangely a turn-on for me. Anyways, thank you and feel free to visit me in Florida.”


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