It’s my monthly favorites!

Hello lovely humans! So August is nearing a close and I am back at UCF ready to take on the fall semester. But before August is officially written off, here are my favorites for this month.

Top 4 Books/articles

  1. Behind the Beautiful Forevers (Katherine Boo)- heartbreaking, comical and hopeful. This book is powerful and informative, as well as engaging. It really did change the way I feel and see.
  2. By Nightfall (Michael Cunningham)- Yet another one by Cunningham, and it was just as good as all his other ones. Elegantly written and an interesting insight into the process of aging and maturing.

3. Meet Trail Life USA, Conservatism’s Answer to the Boy Scouts– This was an article in the latest addition of Backpacker Magazine (an outdoors/hiking magazine that constantly gives me more places to put on my travel/hiking bucket list.) This article was interesting and gave some really good insight into the whole conservative tradition of groups like the Boy Scouts.

4.The Shining (Stephen King)- I have always LOVED the film but never got around to reading the book until now and wow was it good. There was actually quite a lot that the film didn’t cover. Intriguing, fast paced and somewhat scary. Don’t let it’s thick size put you off from reading it.

Top 4 songs/artists/soundtracks

  1. Thinking Out Loud/I’m not the only one mashup– A friend showed me this video on youtube and holy shit is it amazing. And I’m not even a huge Sam Smith fan. The two guys that sing are INCREDIBLE. It’s such a great mashup. Give it a listen and you won’t regret it.

2. Clean (Taylor Swift)- I love her whole album but this one song I have been playing on repeat lately. It just has great lyrics and a good beat.

3. The soundtrack to Dancing on the Edge– It’s a tv show that recently came out on Netflix and set in the 30’s about a black jazz band. The music is so good- very jazzy and full of great beats and brass. Absolutely love that era’s music.

4. Hunger (Of Monsters and Men)- another off their latest album and it’s one of my favorites. I don’t like all of their new ones but this one is really good.

Top 4 shows/films

  1. Dancing on the Edge– as mentioned above, it recently came on Netflix and I’ve been hooked on it since episode one. In the process of finishing the last episode (only 6 unfortunately) but wow was it good. A BBC show and it was top notch in set design, writing, acting, etc. It had mystery and plot twists. I highly recommend it.
  2. Broadchurch– WOW. Ok, I’m obsessed with this show. It’s another BBC one to recently come on Netflix and I just finished the first season (Netflix doesn’t have any more at the moment). It’s essentially a murder/ crime mystery that spans the whole season but also so much more than that. I can’t explain how good this show is. It’s such a deep, emotional and suspenseful show, and the cinematography is outstanding for a tv show.

3. Taylor Swift’s speech during 1989 concert– I saw this video on Facebook and was impressed at how much depth was in this speech. Now, even if you aren’t Swift fans, this video will seriously make you at least appreciate her as a human being. Honestly, this video made me tear up. It was spoken right before her performance of ‘clean’ and her words could not have been more true..

4. Comet– a really cute and quirky indie film that I randomly stumbled upon on Netflix. It was a romance film but was not set in chronological order and the relationship was not the typical happy one. Kinda like 500 Days of Summer in a way. Check it out if you like the quirky indie type films.


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