I’m a nature poet and I didn’t even know it

Hello lovely readers! I have been so wrapped up in the craziness of back to school that I failed to keep a regular updating schedule. I strive to create quality posts so if I don’t have time needed to make something worth sharing, then I wouldn’t want to just throw down anything and call it a day. I have a few things in the works, a film analysis of Inside Out, a case study on a certain political issue and an interview for the “What they say” segment. So stay tuned 🙂

*disclaimer: not an actual poet, not even close*

Right now I want to share some more of my poetry, except this time- magnet style (cue oohs and ahhs from the imaginary audience). Over the summer, after my family dropped me off at UCF, they decided to take a road trip- yes they took a family vacation one week after dropping their first kid off at college. They were that excited to get rid of me. But anyways, they did bring me back a few souvenirs and one of them was a magnetic poetry kit with a nature theme. So there are a bunch of words relating around the theme of nature and you can place them on any magnetic surface after you create a poem. It’s such a neat gift made in the USA, from Zion National Park and I really am excited to share my creations with you all! here are three short poems I made from some of the words given to me.




Hope you guys liked them!


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