My favorites for the month

    So it’s the last day of September and that can only mean 2 things- tomorrow starts my favorite month and it’s once again time for my monthly favorites list. I’m seriously pumped for October, what with it being my birthday month and fall and Halloween. Can we just take a minute to thank the universe for the existence of fall and October? Anyways, while I was counting down the days until October, I did manage to compile some new favorites. So here they are.

Top 4 books/articles

  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez)- This book is gorgeous. It’s a classic and why I never read it before remains a crazy mystery. I found myself engrossed in the culture of the people and setting, and captivated by the poetry of the author’s writing.
  2. The Coddling of the American Mind (The Atlantic, Greg Lukinoff and Jonathon Haidt)- Stumbled across this article and it really opened my eyes to how much of a PC culture I’m living in as a Millennial and college student. It inspired me to write my latest post, about the issue.
  3. Einstein’s dreams (Alan Lightman)- beautifully written and a thought provoking meditation of the concept of Time as we know it.
  4. White Bird in a Blizzard (Laura Kasischke)- a really intriguing book with a good plot twist. It drew me and I couldn’t put it down after the first chapter.

Top 4 soundtracks/albums/songs/artists

1.Poison and Wine (The Civil Wars)- a really beautiful song and their voices are so perfect together.

2. Empire (Of Monsters and Men)- I just love them. They’re perfect. Is that a good enough reason? I think so.

3. We Made (Nova and the Experience)- So catchy and it just puts you in a good mood when you listen to it.

4. Slow Dancer (Noah Gunderson)- his voice is amazing and the melody is beautiful..

Top 3 movies/tv shows (It was busy month, so I didn’t have as much time to watch movies/tv)

  1. Cinderella- The film was nothing special, 2/5 stars as far as plot, writing and character development. It was the costumes, the set design and makeup that made it a film worth something. It was a beautifully made movie and I was in love with how detailed everything was, from the cinematography to the sets to the costuming.
  2. Bill Maher- Another political satire show that I have fallen in love with. He is very candid and honest and not afraid to say his opinion, which I love. This one is on HBO.
  3. The Gift- really suspenseful and well acted. There’s a twist at the end which makes it even better.

There you have it! Happy last day of September everyone 🙂


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