Last month’s favorites

Hi all! I can’t believe that October is already over. I mean seriously, when did time get to be so fast? I turned 19 on the 28th and had a silent panic attack at the thought of being 20 next year. It was a busy month but I still found time to read some amazing books and what not, so here it is- October favorites.

4 books/articles

  1. The Book of Night Women (Marlon James)– This is an important read. You will take away a deeper understanding of humanity and what it means to be a certain race, how it defines you. There are quite a few books out there about slavery, but I cannot describe how affecting and important this novel is. It ranks up there with Beloved, The Color Purple and Roots. Please read this novel.
  2. The Painted Bird (Jerzy Kosinski)– A novel about eastern Europe during WW11 and the Holocaust, particularly one Jewish boy’s struggle. This is a very graphic and disturbing read, Kosinski does not hold back on the violence that occurs both mentally and physically. But it’s a very raw and true to form narrative of the hardships ethnic people faced during the war and nazi occupations.
  3. All The Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr)– A blind girl fleeing Nazi occupied Paris and a German Hitler youth who comes to realize the human cost of his intelligence. Two different stories which eventually intertwine. Amazing writing and beautifully heartbreaking stories.
  4. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer)– AMAZING. Loved this book so much. It deals with 9/11 and one boy’s loss of his dad. It’s quirky and smartly written and I cried many times while reading. Haven’t seen the movie but I’d probably bawl my eyes out during that too.

4 songs/soundtracks/albums

  1. Another Story (The Head and the Heart)– one of their newer songs and I love the melody and piano in it. A really pretty song and the music video is well shot as with great production design.

2. Human (Daughter)– I love the beat and the lyrics are great. Daughter is one of my favorite artists.

3. Flight of the Birds and Transformation (Cinematic Orchestra)– this played at the end of Theory of Everything when Stephen’s life was moving in reverse, a flashback of his life from the present to when he met his future wife. To this day, I still listen to this song and it brings tears to my eyes. Love the film and love the Cinematic Orchestra.

4. Lean on/Lean on Me (Sam Tsui and Casey Breves)– this is a great mashup of the two songs and their voices are to die for.

3 films/tv shows/episodes

1. Eyes Without a Face– Saw this in my film class and it was amazing! So creepy and somewhat disturbing but I thought the directing and cinematography was excellent.

2. American Horror Story:Hotel (season 5)– I’ve always loved this show but the past two seasons weren’t really amazing. The first two were great and then the next two not so great in my opinion. But this season is really good so far. I love the set design and the plot is a little confusing but intriguing.

3. The Daily Show (are all cops racist?)– This is one of my favorite episodes on TDS with Trevor Noah that have aired during Oct. I love how they dealt with this touchy issue with both humor and realism. Great job as usual.

There you have it! I hope everyone had a wonderful October and now let’s get ready for the holiday that celebrates land invasion and Native American slaughtering. Oops sorry I meant Thanksgiving- a celebration of happy Pilgrims and Indians. Happy Autumn everyone!


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