State of the union feat.Paul Ryan’s face

Let’s talk about last night’s State of The Union’s address- President Obama’s last one unfortunately 😦 It was a good speech overall, with coverage on the environment, the domestic economic climate, human rights, foreign terror, etc. He put more emphasis than usual on how America is the strongest country; maybe because of critics saying he hasn’t been the rah rah America is perfect kind of president, and republicans eat that shit up. There were subtle jabs at certain GOP candidates and a few smart yet hilarious jokes.

One of the things which stuck with me the most was his message about citizen involvement in politics and elections. He urged the public to get out and vote, no matter what party you claim or what issues you stand with. If the public isn’t willing to actively be involved in their government, the wealthy and the corrupt people in government will always have the upper hand. He brought up the fact that he knows the public feels like the gov. doesn’t care about the ordinary citizens, they are not connected to the issues faced by the majority of the public, so what’s the use in getting involved. But there are politicians who care, who want to fight for the people, and they need our help to get elected, to take the seats of those wealthy elite. Use our voices, no matter what you believe in, just be heard and not only speak the words but commit them to actions.

Now, moving on from the serious stuff, let’s talk about Paul Ryan’s reactions during the speech. The newly minted speaker of the house sat behind Obama next to Joe Biden, and basically became the epitome of the expressionless emoji -_-. He told CNN before the address, that he was practicing his poker face, and indeed he pretty much succeeded, but not without comical effect. He was like the “cool” girl in high school who acted like she didn’t care about anything and talked in a monotone voice with no expression, except the occasional smug half smile. Clearly Paul Ryan would have rather watched paint dry than listen to “a liberal demagogue.” (Quote from Ryan to CNN)

Of course Twitter took to social media and hilariously parodied his smug face during SOU. Here are three highlights of these wonderful tweets and one pic i found.

Resting bitch face now resting Ryan face

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