February favorites

Hi guys! Hope you’ve all been a having a lovely week so far. I’ve been crazy busy this past month, what with work and school; currently filming a short and trying to keep up to date with my club activities. I’ll be volunteering at a farm sanctuary soon, so I’m excited for that, and I want to do some volunteer work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well. And of course, there’s finding the time to connect with all of you on here 🙂 So, I’m a day late on this, but I present to you the monthly faves list for February. Enjoy!

Top books/articles

  1. Faithful Place (Tana French)– a detective/crime novel at its core, but also so much more than that. I appreciated her writing style and the fact that she adds enormous depth and reality to her characters. Usually, these crime novels annoy me because they are so formulaic and flat, but with this novel, there’s a complexity and emotion that moves it beyond.
  2. In Persuasion Nation (George Saunders)– a compilation of a dozen satirical stories skewering modern America- our culture, our politics, our society. He balances both the grim and positive nature of our present day and future society, with great elegance and expertise. His critical yet humanistic vernacular brings heart and emotion to otherwise biting and harsh alternate realities. A few favorites from the collection are commcomm, and brad carrigan, american.

Top songs/artists/soundtracks

  1. Milk Carton Kid (The Milk Carton Kids)– a stylistically simple song, but the lyrics are beautiful; a bit sad and melancholy, but hopeful at the same time. I love many songs by these guys.

2. Gone (The Head and The Heart)– Once again, I like this song for its lyrics the most, but the melody is great too. This song truly describes moving on from loving someone.

3.Leave a Trace (CHVRCHES)–  Her voice is amazing and the melody, comprised of a fine-tuned synthesizer swirled together, really make this track catchy and interesting. The first song I’ve heard from her, actually.

4.Here (Alessia Cara)– Another great vocalist and I love the message behind her lyrics- she doesn’t give a shit about partying and faking who she is just to be cool. She wants to be with people who actually know her and care about her. She makes introverts cool again and I love it. Also an artist I haven’t heard about before this song.

Top films/tv shows

  1. Mozart in the Jungle– I have fallen in love with this show. I saw the pilot a couple weeks ago and finished off the first two seasons in like a week. Great acting and dialogue, as well as the music. I LOVE the soundtrack in every episode and am so glad that a show is bringing classical music back to life. It is a beautiful genre, one that not enough people, especially my generation, appreciate. It’s just such an awesome concept!
  2. 11.22.63– I really enjoyed the novel by Stephen King and when I heard they were making a mini series out of it, I was skeptical. But, after the first two episodes, I have to say it is actually really good. James Franco does a great job and the story line stays pretty true to the book. I recommend reading the book and then checking out the show; there’s a lot more in the book than what will be shown on screen.

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