Children of war

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a good month so far- except for a few setbacks, I’m having a pretty decent one. I was on my AP news app a few days ago and came across a story about the Syrian refugee crisis. The article focused on this one child’s drawings of her treacherous journey from her homeland to the greek refugee camp she’s currently staying in with her family. The photographs of the child and her drawings took center stage and affected me deeply. She drew scenes of people drowning in the sea and ISIS guys with guns and the slaughter of people in her hometown. This child is 8. 8 years old. My heart hurt for her and for all of the other children displaced by this war. When I hear remarks about kicking all the Muslims out of the U.S or that the refugees “chose” to leave their home, I hear such blatant ignorance and hatred. These families and kids are fleeing war torn areas, they are leaving their homes and their schools and friends; professions and livelihoods are left behind. This 8 year old girl is drawing pictures of terrorists and boats sinking. She has seen more destruction and pain in 8 years than I have seen in 19. And this goes for the millions of kid refugees in the same situation. Here is the story link:

Refugee child’s drawings trace harrowing journey to Europe

And I also am putting down a few names of small, lesser known organizations dedicated to helping the refugee crisis. they are small but legitimate and do some really great things. I thought it would be good to highlight groups that don’t get as much attention. Check them out and even donate, if possible 🙂

handinhandforsyriaThis a great organization because it sends resources and help into hard to reach places in Syria and its bordering countries. They work within the region, which means they can give more direct aid than other bigger organizations. And they work on improving living conditions within Syria, helping people avoid leaving; they focus a lot on sustainability.

theworldtribeA group documenting the refugees they meet in Calais and Lesvos. They do projects and volunteer, helping people once they land in Greece and raising funds for different refugee programs. You can follow them on their Facebook page and donate as well.

smallprojectsistanbul This organization is committed to helping refugees living in Istanbul, adjust to their lives. They provide education opportunities, scholarships for kids and activities. Check out their scholarship recipients page, there are some inspiring stories.


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