March favorites

I can’t believe it’s already April! March flew by, and now I’m almost done with my first year of college. April is one of my favorite months because of April fools day, my best friend’s birthday, and of course Earth Day! I’ll definitely do some earth day activities to share with you all, just as I did last year. I hope everyone had a great month and a great Easter, and now onward to April. Here are my favorites for March:

Top Books/articles

  1. King Leopold’s Ghost (Adam Hochschild)– This is a great book about King Leopold’s rule over the Congo Free State in Africa during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The author chronicles the story of Leopold’s rise to power, the colonization of the Congo for its wealth of ivory and rubber, and the brutalities inflicted upon the natives- Slave labor, inhumane punishments and murder. A very interesting read about the horrors of colonialism and imperialism, and the resounding effects it can have on society.

Top songs/albums/artists/soundtracks

  1. 40 Day Dream (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)– I love this song. It’s such an uplifting, happy song that’s fun to sing along to. The lyrics are great and like all of their songs, it has a unique sound.

2. Beautiful Lies– Birdy’s new album, released a couple months ago.I found Birdy’s music through Pandora about a year ago and have been a fan of her music since then. This album has a really interestng sound- each song has a unique quality to it- and her voice is as usual, beautiful. She has one of the best voices I’veh eard from recent female singers, it’s very expressive and has a dreamy quality, which adds to the overall dreaminess present in this album’s songs. A couple of my favorites- Keep Your Head Up and Beautiful Lies :

3. That’s What’s Up (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)– Ok, I’m putting this here mostly because this is the cutest music video ever. I love the song, but the video has little kids acting like a married couple and it’s beyond cute and I love it so much.

Top movies/tv shows

  1. The Americans– I am addicted to this show. The newest season, season 4,  is airing on tv now, so I have been binge watching the first three seasons to catch up. It’s a cold war era show set in the Reagan years and follows the story of KGB spies living a normal american life with two kids. It’s suspenseful, well- acted, and it keeps you guessing with great plot twists.
  2. Man Up– a Rom-Com that i found on Netflix recently and decided to watch it, although I was skeptical at how good it would be. Well, it was amazing! Rom- Coms are hit and miss for me, and this one definitely stuck. The acting was great and the story line was funny, relatable and sweet. I will admit I teared up at the edn- it was just so beautiful. This film exceeded my expectations and is one I could watch over and over.




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