A poem for tuesday

Hey lovely bloggers and readers, I want to share a poem I wrote today in my spare time. I hope you like it!

            Here is me

To the years

to the times

and the experiences.

To the tears

to the wonders

and the smiles.

To my parents

to their hearts

and their strength.

To my sisters

to their compassion

and their laughter.

Here is my life. 

To broken hearts

to burnt bridges

and mended fences.

To the beginning

to the hellos

and the future goodbyes.

Here is my soul.

I wish to slow the time

to wrap myself in the moments

a vast blanket of memories.

The hours I’ve loved

the people I’ve loved

 weave a tapestry

of nineteen years.

Here are my endings, my beginings, my discoveries, and my roots.

Here is the person I am today.







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