April favorites

April has come and is almost gone, meaning it’s time for me to cry over finals and wonder how the hell I’m done with the first year of college. But while I deal with the torture that is the end of the year, here is my list of favorites for the month. Check ’em out and if you guys have any input, definitely comment suggestions. I’d love to hear your faves.


  1. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers)– Beautifully written and full of inner character struggles dealing with race, economics, growing up, crime, humanity, american politics, etc. Very melancholic and a bit depressing at times, but there is a tinge of underlying hope through all of the shit the characters go through.
  2.   Game Change (John Heillmann an Mark Halperin)– A book detailing the 2008 presidential race, from behind the scenes. This gives you access to some of the most personal accounts of what it’s like working the campaign trail and playing the political game. Mark and John are political analysts and give you a very in depth look into the Obama’s, Clintons, McCain, and Palin. A really fascinating read, which really gave me more insight to the personalities of these politicians and what running a campaign is like.


  1. TwelveFour- The newest album by the Paper Kites. I am absolutely in love with almost every song on this album. Their music has always had a distinctive sound and the songs on this album have a bit of a 80’s/90’s sound; there is a vintage feel to it.The music videos for some of the songs reflect this vibe. A few of my favorites are Revelator Eyes,Electric Indigo and Bleed Confusion.

2. Only You (Yazoo)– I have never heard of Yazoo but while watching the Americans a couple weeks ago, this song played near the end of the episode. I shazamed it and thus discovered them. They are a british synthpop duo from the 80’s and while I have yet to listen to their others, I love this song. It has a great beat and I like the 80’s sound.

3. Constellations (Tom Odell)– I’ve never heard or listened to Tom Odell before this song. I heard it a few days ago and really liked it. His voice is amazing and the piano melody is beautiful. I’ll definitely be checking out more of his stuff.


  1. The Invitation– Saw this on Netflix last weekend and it has been on my imdb list of new films to watch, so I decided to give it a go. The invitation was an interesting and unique horror film. It’s basically about a strange dinner party which turns out to have sinister motives.  The acting was good and the dialogue was good, but what made this film stand out to me was the aspect of suspense and how it pulls the viewer in. I was seriously holding my breath until the last frame. Good horror movie/psychological thriller.
  2. Conspiracy This HBO film is a dramatic recreation of the 1942 secret Wannsee Conference where nazi and SS leaders gathered to talk about “the final solution to the jewish question.” Out of many of the holocaust films made, Conspiracy is one of the best, in my opinion.  The film takes place in only one room with a handful of actors, but it was so well written, well acted and very impactful. Throughout the film, as these leaders are talking so casually about getting rid of the jewish population and joking about methods to do so, I had chills; by the end, I felt sick.
  3. Hush another horror film I saw on Netflix. This one has an interesting story, as it focuses on a deaf woman who, one night alone in er house, finds herself being terrorized by a masked man. I liked how the sound would go out at times to reflect the character’s own experience, and plus it makes it even scarier not being able to hear where this guy is. A very cool movie.

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