Monthly favorites- May

Hi all! I hope everyone had a fantastic memorial day weekend; now it’s time to head into June. For Floridians, this means slowly dying in the heat everyday until November. Yay. I’ve been watching and reading many things, so I’m excited to share this month’s list!


  1. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim (Mahmood Mamdani)– My last post was centered on this book because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Mamdani brought to light so many interesting observations on the rise of political Islam and the convoluted view of muslims and terrorists in present day. It was very dense and intellectual, so patience and a good vocabulary/ sense of history is required. But I highly recommend it.
  2. Clock With No Hands (Carson McCullers)– A story following a man dying from cancer on the eve of a court ordered segregation. Once again, McCullers adeptly pulls a myriad of characters together to form a tapestry of emotion and reflection.
  3. The Theory of Light and Matter (Andrew J. Porter)– This collection of short stories, depicting loss and sacrifice in american suburbia, is beautiful. Some of the stories are heartbreaking, some bittersweet and even a little humorous. Memory plays a large part in many of the stories, as the characters are trying to remember and understand how they arrived at the present moments. Well written and insightful, this book has set me on a course to read more of Porter.


  1.  Angela– a song off of The Lumineers latest album. It is my favorite song off the album, after Sleep On The Floor.

2. Up&Up– Coldplay’s latest single from their new album, and it’s absolutely great. The lyrics are inspiring and a refreshing break from love songs and party songs. And don’t even get me started on the video; holy crap is it amazing. I am in love with whoever made the video because it is wonderfully weird yet beautiful.

3. The Wire– I never really listened to HAIM until a couple of weeks ago when I heard this song on Pandora. Now I listen to it all the time and I’ve been listening to their other stuff. I love the beat to this song, it’s so catchy and fun. The music video is great as well.

Film/tv shows

  1. Veep– This is one of the best comedies on cable. Seriously, it’s incredible and so addicting. I caught up on all the seasons up until the current on HBOgo in like a week. The writing is great and employs the kind of dry,witty and fast paced humor I like. The jokes are intelligent and you have to pay attention, because some of the best one liners fly by. The acting is amazing as well.
  2. The Witch– Recently saw this and it took me a day to decide how i felt about it. The movie is disturbing, unsettling and subtle in its horror. While there are very gory parts, the horror comes more from the atmosphere and the score. The cinematography was excellent, as well as the acting. I do wish the ending was different, as it kind of let down the film in a way, but other than that, The Witch is a great contribution to the horror genre.
  3. Citizen X– This is a HBO film, starring Donald Sutherland, following the hunt by one man for Russia’s first “serial killer.” Excellently acted and shot, as well as having a good script. The writing and acting were my two favorite things about this film.

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