‘Merica, land of the guns

Hi lovely people! I took a hiatus but I’m back now with a new post. In light of recent events in Orlando, where a man killed 49 people at a gay nightclub, it has of course been a tumultuous time for my home state and the country. What happened was awful and sadly, it isn’t anything new. This incident was Sandy Hook which was Aurora which was Virginia Tech which was Columbine; the list goes on. And the fact is, mass shootings are just a tiny fraction of gun violence in the U.S; homicide and suicides make up most of it. Gun violence is a very serious issue, one that encompasses controversial talking points which Americans dance around, never seeming to find any solutions. In the case with Orlando, the shooter had claimed he was doing this in the name of ISIS. So, unfortunately, the focus is not on the problem of gun violence, but on terrorism and Islam. The thing is, this man was born in raised in America, with no ties to any type of terrorist group; the ISIS claim was a way to garner maximum attention. And, according to new information released, the guy was likely a closeted gay, as he frequented gay clubs and used gay dating apps. The shooting, at its core, was a hate crime. This was a hate crime against the LGBTQ community and another mass shooting made possible because of incompetent government and bad gun regulations.


Tragedies like these get people fired up initially- “Pray for Paris.” “Pray for Orlando.” “Our hearts are with you.” “Never again.” And yet, a couple of months later, history repeats itself. It’s time to stop the hashtags and the prayers. It’s time to stop saying never again and it’s time to wake up. Politicians and the public alike, look at what is happening. Is creating a twitter hashtag really a productive way to put an end to this horror, this maddening issue? Has praying for the places attacked, saved any future ones? Words are lovely but they have little power without an action behind them.Politicians, particularly the republicans, are not doing their jobs, and have little integrity. They’re in bed with the NRA, they have no desire to cooperate, and they lack the intelligence to understand that the second amendment is just that- an amendment, which can be amended and interpreted. The CDC has even been blocked from researching gun violence in relation to public health/safety. How can the U.S make any progress if the issue can hardly be talked about. And by now, despite the stalemate over gun control, the general public consensus is in favor of tighter regulations. 

  • Support for tighter gun control laws increased 9 percentage points after the Orlando terror attack, and support for background checks and other measures being debated in the Senate hovered around 90%, according to CNN/ORC poll released Monday.
  • 92% saying they wanted expanded background checks, 87% supporting a ban for felons or people with mental health problems and 85% saying they would ban people on federal watchlists from buying guns. Among Republicans, that number is even higher — 90% say they favor preventing people on the terror watch list or “no fly” list from buying a gun. That number is at 85% for Democrats.

To congress, I want to say, when will be enough? How many people need to die from gun related deaths, before change can occur? People can pray all they want, but nothing will change unless action is taken.

Here’s a little infographic I created, of some basic gun facts.


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