¡Bienvenida a Peru!

¡Hola a todos! I hope you all are enjoying the last couple of months of summer. It’s been a crazy month, what with traveling and all, and I know I still need to update the blog with the last bit of my family trip. I’m almost done editing the photos from the trip, so when I do finish, everything will be uploaded 🙂 Currently I’m in Cusco, Peru; I just arrived today with my dad. Now this trip is just him and I, the activity being a 4 day backpacking hiking trek on the inca tail to Machu Picchu. I had about a week between the last trip and this one, so by the time I’m done, just one look at a plane will exhaust me. 

We got in to the city around 12 or so and I’m dealing with a slight bout of altitude sickness; a little queasiness, light headed and short of breath when I exert myself. This is the highest elevation I’ve ever been at so I’m actually surprised I’m not feeling worse (knock on the proverbial wood) Cusco is an interesting city, with beautiful architecture and is surprisingly clean. The language barrier is hard to get past, but the people are friendly and want to help. Hablo un poco español pero no estoy con fluidez. Although, it’s actually a little exciting, as I can use the Spanish I know and learn along the way. I’ve studied it in school since 6th grade and now at the university level but obviously that doesn’t make you very good. So far, my limited Spanish skills have actually come in handy, which is pretty cool. I won’t have internet after Tuesday, as I will be hiking and camping, so when I have access again, updates will be posted! ¡Buenos noches!


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