“We are still here.”

It’s the day after Trump’s inauguration, I’m sick with a cold, Obama’s title is now former president of the US, and my heart is heavy. Along with many Americans this past fall, I put my heart and soul into the fight for Hillary Clinton and the fight against trump’s disastrous campaign. Liberals upset with the election outcome are outraged, not because we lost and can’t accept that, but because this is not normal; trump’s racist, homophobic, anti-women, and generally disrespectful rhetoric is not ok for a presidential figure to present. That’s giving a public platform to people who have been waiting for this type of normalization. Today, across the nation and the world, women and men are joining marches to raise their voices in opposition to trump’s hateful and dangerous agenda. It’s truly inspirational and moving to see the widespread support from individuals of all religions, races, genders and countries.

Already the white house pages have been scrubbed of key terms like LGBTQ and climate change; a simple search will bring up nothing on those topics. Trump has also begun immediate action on repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with signing an executive order on “easing the burden of the act.” Over 20 million Americans rely on the ACA, and many of them, ironically, are republican. And when it comes to a solution, the republicans in congress and trump’s administration have nothing. Repeal and replace does not work when you have nothing to replace it with; this puts Americans in a precarious situation. His cabinet appointees are absolutely terrifying and I’m pretty sure monkeys would be a better fit for the job than the actual people. We, as a nation and as individuals, cannot afford this presidency. Human rights cannot afford this presidency. The environment cannot afford this presidency.  Those who care about these issues will need to continue the fight, even when the women’s march is over with today. Journalists, keep fact checking. Activists, keep marching. And citizens, keep informed. Because we are still here. Because Donald Trump will not win.

Here are a few links to important charities that could especially use donations during this time

American Civil Liberties Union https://www.aclu.org/

Council on American-Islamic Relations https://www.cair.com

Human Rights Campaign https://give.hrc.org

Planned Parenthood https://www.plannedparenthood.org

National Immigration Law Center https://www.nilc.org/


2 thoughts on ““We are still here.”

  1. Good post but I take exception to including CAIR as a suggested donation place. They have far too many ties to radical extremist groups and after their obstruction of Honor Diaries, (a film about women’s rights in the Muslim world that was praised by Muslim women like Dr Qanta Ahad and Ayaan Hirsi Ali) I just can’t get behind them. There are better similar groups to support like the Center for Islamic Pluralism.

    Personally, I think groups that have a huge chunk of their money going into PR and exposure type programs are a waste either way. I would rather support groups doing true good on the ground where it is needed most. Groups like Save the Children, IRC, Relief International, Doctors Without Borders, or World Relief. Honestly, I am a little biased toward that last one since the school I teach in, full of refugees from Kobani and Aleppo is funded by WR.

    1. I really like IRC as a charity as well. Thank you for your input!! I admittedly don’t know as much about Cair as I do the other ones so I will definitely look into it more closely!

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