Monthly Favorites: June

I’m back with my monthly favorites! As stated in my previous post, I took a bit of a hiatus due to issues but I’ve decided I am ready to return to writing the content my readers followed me for in the first place. To start off, here are my favorites-books,movies/tv and music- for the month of June!


  1. Ghostwritten (David Mitchell)– After reading Cloud Atlas and loving it, I was curious to read his other work. Ghostwritten is lyrical, interesting and vivid; the stories Mitchell presents weave in and out of each other to form a tapestry of the human experience and explore how of peoples’ actions are interconnected. This was his first book so I found it very comparable to Cloud Atlas, and not as developed, but for a debut novel, it is incredible.
  2. The Enchanted (Rene Denfeld)– What an amazing book. It is gorgeously written and presents an extremely insightful look into what life is like on death row and the brutal realities facing inmates in prison. The story is grim and every character has flaws, but Denfeld writes with a certain hope and beauty. And to think it is her debut novel makes me want to cry.
  3. The Sixth Extinction: Journeys Among the Lost and Left Behind (Terry Glavin)– Not to be mistaken with the most recent book The Sixth Extinction, this 2009 non fiction work is both wondrous and terrifying. Glavin describes the sixth extinction facing this epoch, detailing cases of animals, languages, cultures and so on, all of which are facing massive threats. What I really found interesting was how Glavin meshed together elements of science, anthropology, sociology and politics to form this outlook on the environmental crisis.


  1. Sign of The Times- Who knew I’d ever say I like a Harry Styles song. But friends, the day has come. Without knowing who it was at first, I heard it on the radio and really liked what I was hearing. After learning it was Styles, I decided to check out his other new stuff and was pleasantly surprised. This song has more of an indie-rock vibe than fluffy pop, and he is actually very talented, vocals wise.
  2. The Fear- Off of The Shins’s new album Heart worms, this song has a really interesting sound and a beautiful melody combined with raw lyrics. This song is ultimately about letting anxiety and other mental issues dictate your life, ruining relationships with people you’d otherwise want a relationship with. A really emotional song.
  3. Name For You- And another one from Heart worms. I love the fun, catchy beat and the lyrics are bitingly real. I’ve always loved The Shins and to this day, haven’t been disappointed by an album.


  1. Jane The Virgin– A parody of telenovellas (Spanish soap operas). The plot is ridiculous but it’s acceptable because a) it’s a parody and b) the drama is honestly addicting. This has been my recent go to show for light entertainment and it has delivered time and time again. Great acting, clever concept and beautiful leads (cough cough Michael and Rafael). This show is a multicultural blend of languages and traditions, and I love it.
  2. Twin Peaks: The Return– It’s back! Showtime brought one of my favorite cult tv shows back from the dead, and better yet, David Lynch has full creative control over it. So far, the experience has been mind bending, nostalgic and absurd in the greatest and Lynchiest of ways. Forever and always a Lynch fan.
  3. Pontypool– A highly clever zombie horror film on Netflix that I would have passed up if not for the good things I’ve heard about it. I am not really into zombie flicks but this one blew me away with its inventiveness and quality. It’s a film you want to go into without knowing the plot, so no spoilers to people who haven’t seen it.

A Let Down

  1. It Comes At Night– Saw this horror film in theaters a few days ago and felt pretty underwhelmed. Although it was nicely shot and scored, I felt as if the tension didn’t build up to much and character development was null. Not a horrible film but one I was expecting more from.

Month in a Quote

“Something good will come out of all things yet. And it will be golden and eternal just like that. There’s no need to say another word.”  Jack Kerouac

I’m always on the lookout for new things, so comment with recommendations of your own 🙂 Have a great last few days of June!



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