About me



I’m from Florida, a juniorat the University of Central Florida. Currently, I’m a political science-IR major, minoring in history and film. I’m a Thespian, avid traveler and explorer of all things worth exploring. Hoarder of books and movies, and caretaker to my beloved camera and piano. I think conformity and math are terrible, but vegetarianism and nature conservation are awesome. Traveling is also a huge passion of mine, I thank my parents for that, as they have taken us(my 2 sisters and I)  around the world. I have been to South Africa, multiple places in Europe, Turkey and Canada, as well as other states in the U.S.

I have a variety of interests from photography to theatre to the great outdoors. Growing up, I always felt an urge to get out in the world, explore and be actively involved in efforts dedicated to making changes in the world, impacting something or someone in a inspirational and positive way. It’s important to notice what is happening in the world, to fight for what is good and what is right. This blog covers film, writing/books, current events and personal pieces as well.  Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


 spring summer 2014 809DSC01856


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